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All of our games are more than one room and perfect for all groups. Afraid you won't escape? We offer an unlimited amount of clues, encouraging everyone to be able to "escape" and enjoy the game.

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You and your friends are playing video games every night like usual, but tonight the powerful storm outside threatens your internet connection. One loud crack of lightning hits your console and next thing you know..... you find yourself trapped inside a video game! Can you make it out before it's game over for you and your friends? 

Mad as a Hatter

The Queen has lost her heart, which has caused madness to spread throughout Wonderland, A madness that grows more contagious with each passing minute. Since you are not of this world and cannot contract the madness.  You have summoned here by W. Rabbit to find the Queen's heart and restore sanity back to wonderland. Good luck, and remember, wonderland is counting on you.

60 Minutes
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The Next Chapter

Do You Want to Play a Game? You wake up in a dark room, handcuffed. You've heard of the killer before, but never thought this could happen to you. You have one hour to figure out the answers to this madman's clues and earn your right to live.

You have 60 Minutes to live
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Once Upon an Adventure
The Rose, the Lamp, and the Witch's Curse

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After stumbling upon an eerily mesmerizing book in a dusty old box of family heirlooms, a witch appears right before your eyes. You have disturbed the enchanted heirloom that has long been the resting place of the witch and are cursed to spend eternity in the fairytale worlds of Beauty and the Beast library and Aladdin's Cave of Wonders. Can you make your way through the unknown lands to find a way out?

Good luck, you have 60 minutes!
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